20 Fiction Authors’ Writing Tips


Writing success is a combination not only of your imagination but also of your hard work on writing skills improvement, and it doesn’t matter if you are working at dissertation writing service, or want to become a bestselling writer of all times.

So we decided to collect some writing Tips from fiction authors which you can use in your work:

  • Tip 1: Read everything you can find not only on your topic but also other famous authors.
  • Tip 2: During your writing you should be protected from all interrupters: your time and space should be only for writing, nothing else.
  • Tip 3: The main characters and major plot elements of your novel should be introduced in the first part. Themes and characters development should be in the second one. The resolution should be in third.
  • Tip 4: When you plan writing, don’t include editing into it. It will be done afterwards.
  • Tip 5: Away have a notebook with you, some ideas may come to you and to keep them in your memory you need to write them down, otherwise you forget them.
  • Tip 6: To eliminate destruction, write without the internet; internet surfing can be harmful for your writing.
  • Tip 7: Try to use simple verbs, since they are more understandable to reader.
  • Tip 8: To check rhythms of sentences read aloud to yourself.
  • Tip 9: Be descriptive when writing about natural phenomena.
  • Tip 10:Listen to your readers.
  • Tip 11: Remember, that commercial writing is not your adventure to something; it is the way to earn money.
  • Tip 12: Don’t panic when you have stopped midway from the end, and cannot write even a word or your writing is not as great as it can be. Try to have a rest, walk on the street, read poetry or even pray to the saints, and hope to get inspiration. Keep trying, and you will reach your goal.
  • Tip 13: Be ready to be alone, when you have chosen a path of a writer.
  • Tip 14: Try to be your own editor/critic.
  • Tip 15: Your reader – is your friend, and nothing more.
  • Tip 16: Keep away from exclamations. You are only allowed two-three per 100,000 words.
  • Tip 17: If people tell you that something is wrong, they in most cases are right. If people tell you what is wrong and how to fix it, they are almost always wrong.
  • Tip 18: Even if your book is very popular you might have a feeling of sickness about your writing, feeling of something to be wrong, inadequate, can be better. Don’t worry, this feeling is normal for any professional writer.
  • Tip 19: When you are writing your story be honest, write the best you can and these will be the only rules matter.
  • Tip 20: The best rule to post on the wall in front of your working place: ‘Faire et se taire’(Flaubert), which means “Shut up and get on with it”.

Even very successful writers sometimes have ups and downs, and not looking at this they come up with the goods. Take a lesson from their experience and start your writing career now.