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Differences between an Electrician and an Electrical Contractor People often confused the description between an electrician and electrical contractor Salt Lake City. Generally, it is in the mind-set of most people that these are very much alike but in the real context, these are very different from one another. Basically, the definition of an electrical contractor is a firm or company that offers any electrical services but on the other side, those who work for the company that do the electrical services are called electricians. The electricians’ role is to install, design and maintain the services for all the electrical system. These electricians and electrical contractors should be able to provide valid licenses for them to operate their business and perform their role as well as provide insurance. But if the contractor doesn’t want to provide a copy of its license, there is really a big possibility that the contractor is operating illegally. So to ensure that you are indeed hiring the right contractor, take time to conduct a background check of the company and ensure that it can provide all licenses that you will ask from them so as to secure the services they offer. This is a very crucial factor before you even decide to choose one from all the options you have to do the electrical services. There are some important information that you must know to help you select both the electrician and electrical contractor for your electrical needs. There are three categories in which a contractor is divided based on their work and these are the outside or line contractor, integrated building system contractor and the inside contractor.
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Line or Outside electrical contractor
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If you are dealing with the control of the high power voltage transmission and the distribution line, you are referring to this type of contractor. Their main task is to carry the transmission and also the infrastructure task to bring the electricity from the power plant then to the substations until it will reach all the homes and buildings. Inside contractor Their main task is to maintain the electrical systems as well as provide electrical services for the households, and commercial buildings. Their major task is to install, maintain and design the systems of the buildings in accordance to the requirement based on the building plan. They also ensure that their installed lighting and security systems are in accordance to the electric codes set by their government. Integrated Building System electrical contractor Other term for them is voice/ data/ video electrical contractor. Their major responsibilities include the handling of the installation for the low voltage that involves telecommunications, climate control, fiber optics system and the whole wireless network device that are very efficient and useful to our daily lives. Electricians are being hired according to their experiences and credibility.