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The Low Down on Japanese Manga People from all over the world love to enjoy reading manga and watching anime and for over forty years these amazing form of Japanese entertainment has really become extremely popular. Japanese manga is popular due to the fact it is unique and original especially when you compare it to similar kinds of books like a comic book in the west for example or a graphic novel. So if you are interested in learning more about Japanese manga and what makes it so special then you will have to think about all of the different kinds of basics which will be listed down in this article. If you want to learn more about manga then it is important that you know about anime as well because this is the twin brother of manga where instead of a book it is as animated show. So just go on and keep on reading if you are interested in manga and anime. The cartoons and animation that you will normally see in Japan is called anime. There is a lot of different kinds of animation out there but Japanese animation is called anime and that is the translation into English as well. Believe it or not but Japanese manga and anime originated in around the sixties but then it became popular world wide in around the 90s. Nowadays you are able to see people reading Japanese manga everywhere or watching anime at home because everyone everywhere has access to this amazing Japanese pop culture and it has actually become a way of life for many people as well. Japanese manga and Japanese anime has become so popular as a matter of fact that they are readily available at many stores and book stores and you can even get access to any manga or anime show you want on the internet quickly and easily which is pretty awesome. When you are reading a manga or watching an anime it is a good idea to know about the way it was drawn because there is two methods, there is the hand drawn method and then there is the method that will use computers in order to draw or to animate. When you are talking about manga then it is important to know what it means and the word manga actually means whimsical pictures. Komikku is another name for manga that is used commonly in Japan. Komikku was created in the year 1870 in Japan and this is an art style which inspired modern manga today. The best part about Japanese manga is the fact that everyone both young and old will be reading this kind of literature because it appeals to everyone. There is so many different categories and genres that you will be able to enjoy when it comes down to reading Japanese manga because they write for everyone so you will be able to enjoy manga that is action, fantasy, horror, mystery, comedy, drama, and there is a lot more different kinds of genres out there as well.Smart Ideas: Comics Revisited

Smart Ideas: Comics Revisited