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How Can An Individual Become Carbon Neutral? Carbon is on if the source why global warming occurs which brings out too much heat and in this era, it is becoming more and more of a problem that is why many of us wanted to know the ways in which we can fight this occurrence thus leading us to a solution called carbon neutralization. Listed below are two main ways on how to approach this kind of scenario. In dealing with carbon production, many of us will think of doing an offsetting or even coming to a point where you want the production of emissions to not happen. I know for a fact that you will agree on the latter situation since it poses a much more realistic and desire course of action. The problem that comes with carbon offsetting is that it will deceive anyone who will do it into a false sense of assurance and security. There may be instances that several companies will assure you that the carbon dioxide you have in your equipment has been successfully offset by thus leading you to subconsciously not worry even if you left your lights on or left your whole electronic equipment on a standby mode. And because of this you will decide to postpone your plan of buying those energy-effective light bulbs. These days, the emergence of this new carbon industry let the people get into the hype of getting carbon credits. If you and or your business gets and equivalent amount of carbon credits then you are subjected to purchase enough carbon credits as well from offsetting companies so that you will have the chance of eliminating the carbon footprints that you have. Are you sure this is the right way of becoming carbon neutral? What you believe might not be truly right since all you did was rely on baseless theories which are mainly bases on tree planting and carbon dioxide absorption instead of exerting more than enough effort in making sure that you reduce your emissions everyday.
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There are some alternatives that you can use if you want to effectively become carbon neutral. Have you heard of reverse psychology? You can actually apply that on this one. Instead of you paying enormous amount to several organizations just to offset your carbon emissions, why don’t you reduce your emissions by yourself if you know how to and make sure that you reduce it to the very last.
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Another way that you can reduce emission is by driving an environment friendly car. Purchasing a low carbon house is a great way in making sure that the emissions you are producing is very minimal or even zero. Being aware of the travel options related to carbon neutral can be a big help in making sure that you are reducing emissions especially if you are on a holiday.