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Chemistry And Its Definition Do you know what chemistry is? Here is a brief definition of what it really is. Chemistry is the study of matter that includes atoms and molecules as well as the interactions that happens between them which is called chemical reaction. In the truest sense of the word, chemistry is the study of all the materials that composed the world around us. Inclusive of this is all the matter that affects our five senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. All matter is a composition of the fundamental structural blocks called atoms. These atoms that builds matter is everything around us that occupies space and contains mass. More or less a hundred of atoms are known to recognized to be in existence in the universe and are listed as part of the periodic table of elements which is recorded in a graph or chart. Some of the names listed in the table of elements are quite familiar to the majority of the people especially if you have encountered it in you school days. These elements include iron, helium, oxygen, platinum, chlorine and oxygen. As part of the general knowledge, having an idea as to what these elements might be is as good as being seen. Molecules are the end product of the chemical reaction happening among the elements or basic building blocks. When these elements reacts with each other, the aforementioned is being made. During the process or during the chemical reaction, different substances can be formed and changed into new substances by means of breaking and materializing the atomic bonds or molecules. When the basic particles are combined to create molecules, a wondrous phenomena exists in the world of chemistry. This is because when the combinations happens, the end products results to the formation of these new and unique element. There are two ways of which new substance can be formed from the old ones. This is in accordance to obtaining the specific desirable qualities that were acquired on the new one . These are: formed during the chemical reactions; deliberately produced by the experts chemist. Chemist are one of the most important members of the science society for they are the ones focusing on the formation if new products that are useful to mankind however, it is just one of the many functions of the chemists. The importance of the new materials ranges from the creation of the materials being used in the manufacturing of products to the creation of potent medicines or drugs which could pose a great help in curing and healing diseases.
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There are different branches or sections when talking about scientific study and one of them is chemistry. Understanding the world we live in and knowing beyond what meets the eye, then that is science. Simple and easy to get.Lessons Learned About Resources