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Programs That Can Help Troubled Teens

The year of 1985, in the state of Louisiana, marked the introduction of juvenile boot camps as short-term, cost-reducing, court-ordered alternatives to correctional facilities for troubled youth. (National Institute of Justice, n.d.) However, this quick-fix soon met its faults of over emphasizing problem behavior, lacking family involvement, leading to re-entry into the correction system, and causing recent tragic events. Thus, the intense, military-style boot camp for teenagers is losing its appeal to safer, longer term, more holistic alternative programs to help troubled teens.

Residential Treatment Program

One of the alternative programs for troubled youth is a residential treatment program that provides adolescents with therapy and continuous supervision. The New Foundation in Arizona is a great example of this program that offers therapeutic behavioral health programs and education to youth with mental and behavioral disturbances including depression, oppositional-defiant behavior, substance abuse and addiction, and learning disabilities. Although this program has existed since the 1970s, it established its first 30-day Residential Intensive Substance Use for youth ages 11 to 17 in 2008, providing support to both adolescents and their families. Application details are available on their website http://thenewfoundation.org/.

Wilderness Therapy

Other troubled youth programs include wilderness therapy, where survival in the wildlife provides youth with profound life lessons. One such program is Wood Creek Academy in the rural mountains of Western Montana. It targets troubled boys and girls with “dual diagnoses” from ages 13 to 17. A holistic approach is used to emphasize understanding the whole person over changing problem behaviors. Lasting 30-45 days, wilderness therapy provides long-lasting results by fostering “cooperation” over “confrontation”. The basic concept is that nature has a healing quality as it creates a “responsive rather than resistant environment” for youth to build on their strengths, learn independent living skills, and practice more effective alternative behaviors.

Therapeutic Boarding School

Therapeutic boarding schools provide emotionally and behaviorally disturbed youth with therapy and education in a private out-of-home placement. Crosswinds of Indiana offers a Christian therapeutic boarding school called Caribbean Mountain Academy with programs spanning from a semester to 18 months for youth ages 13 to 18. A unique feature of this program is the school’s location in the Dominican Republic that encourages freedom from material value. In addition to therapeutic activities, this program involves an academic curriculum, spiritual guidance, leadership training, relationship building, family communication skills training, and service building.

The main concept to take away is that the most effective troubled teen programs possess holistic, life-changing, strength-based, and family-based qualities.


5 Tips to Help You Find Your Best College Match

For such a labor intensive and research based process, choosing which college you want to go to comes down to luck much more than you would expect.

No matter how much research you do and how many college campuses you visit, you still just have to get lucky to find a school you really like. Because no matter how much you think you know about a school, you don’t really know anything yet.

It isn’t your fault — it is just sort of impossible to actually know anything about a school before you go there. Until you have actually attended a college for a few months, everything you think you know about the school is just a theory. You may end up finding a school you think is your perfect match, attending it for a few months, and absolutely despising the place you find it to actually be. You may also end up being right and spending the four happiest years of your life there.

Ultimately, it does come down to luck. But you can increase your odds by finding out the right information about the schools you are considering.

Whether you think your dream school is University of South Carolina, or one of USC’s online mpa programs, you can use these 5 tips to figure out what your best college match truly is.

  1. Visit Campus

This can be difficult if you are considering going to a school on the other side of the country, or even somewhere international. But if you can’t visit the campus of the school you are considering before you commit to going there, it may not be worth the risk. Visiting a campus isn’t a surefire way to determine how you will feel about a school, but it is essential to giving yourself a decent shot at picking correctly.

  1. Take Any Info with a Grain of Salt

When you are being given a tour of the campus or talking to officials from the school, you should keep in mind that everything they are telling you and showing you is meant to recruit you to the school. Don’t believe everything they are telling you by default. You need to think critically about what they are telling you in order to determine its value.

3, Talk to Students

The students of any school you are considering are the ones who will give you real, valuable insight into what the school is like. If they don’t like the school, they can give you fair warning and explain why. If they love the school, they will be able to recruit you better than any school employee could.

  1. Talk to Alumni

People who have graduated from a school you are considering and have experience trying to use their degree in the real world can tell you not only how their time at the school went, but also how employers perceive the value of their degree.

  1. Look at the Right Stats

Put the most emphasis on the tuition, dropout rate, and graduate employment rates for each school.

Why is Seqimco the Best Infrastructure Debt Fund Company in the UK?

buildingSpecialising in infrastructure debt asset management for over a couple of decades, Seqimco is now an industry leader in this niche. The company puts forth most advanced and user-friendly solutions in infrastructure debt funding, and also offers the investors custom-tailored advice in asset management.

Infrastructure debt funds

Seqimco claims to have close and strong infrastructure relationships with many. Since its inception, the company had thrived to develop infrastructure contacts, which was not much a difficult task as its directors had many years of solid experience in the same industry.

The relationships they had built over the course of their fruitful long-term career at the top financial institutions like CS First Boston, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and UBS have largely helped at the time of inception and further expanded during the time of growth of Seqimco.

Now, the company has solid infrastructure relationships with many of the frontline infrastructure sponsors, construction companies, agents, banks, advisors, and a large array of equity investors. Not just limited to any specific region, but these global relations helped Seqimco to have an easy access to the top possible investment sets, in order to find consistent investment opportunities for the funds.

What makes Seqimco the best?

Seqimco is ultra focused

The company only does infrastructure debt with keen focus on this niche overtime, which had made them the experts. Unlike many other competitors in this sector, Seqimco is not a leveraged loan asset manager always in search of something new. It is also not an advisory firm into investment management. The company is also not the kind of infrastructure equity branching into debt. Being a specialist fund management company, Seqimco has a clear focus on the best infrastructure funding opportunities.

Seqimco Leads the way with innovation

No doubt that in UK, Seqimco is the leader in the speciality of infrastructure debt funds. The directors of Seqimco were laser focused on developing it solely with an objective of turning infrastructure debts into an investment asset class. With this line of fresh thinking, Seqimco is deemed as the leader in this line of infrastructure debt fund market.

Seqimco is a low-cost provider

Being a low-cost provider, Seqimco takes the initiative to pass on the savings effectively on to its investors. The company doesn’t have multiple layers of management or expensive office infrastructures at top cities. The operational structure of Seqimco is straightforward when compared to many other such services.

Most of the back office work of Seqimco is effectively outsourced to leading KPOs like KPMG, BNY Mellon, and Praxis Fund Services etc. Instead, the company’s solid focus is on finding more and more investment opportunities, innovation, and managing its portfolio.

Some other top reasons that make Seqimco the best in UK include:

  • They launched first of its kind of economic infrastructure income fund that focuses on infrastructure debts, which was listed at London Stock Exchange.
  • Seqimco was the first company to develop a solid methodology for the German insurance companies to invest in the infrastructure debt by being compliant with the German Investment Ordnance, AIFMD and Solvency II.
  • Seqimco now assists the insurance companies all across Europe with asset-specific data compliant with Solvency II.
  • Above all, the company also conducts independent research on the risk-return characteristics of infrastructure debt, which had been recognised by many reputed journals as “European Insurance and Occupational Pension Authority” (EIOPA).

Going at par with the conventional approach to infrastructure debt funds, Seqimco’s perspectives are fresh and truly global.

Can you actually become a good at art without going to an art school

Studying is always going to make you better at what you do, that’s a given. But when it comes to art, there are many people who just don’t want to study or just feel that it’s no helping them enough. They want more help and a better quality experience which in the end is a mandatory thing to say the least.

Will studying help you in the long run?

However, the question does remain, is art a good thing to study and do you need to art school? It all depends on the type of career that you want to have. The reality is that most of the best sculptors and painters didn’t really go to art school as there was none at the time they were born/ when they lived so in the end it’s all about commitment and quality.

You can find many people who just don’t want to go to art school because it’s expensive, that would be an issue for them. But if you can’t afford it, that doesn’t mean that going to art school is bad, it’s actually very good and it does offer you some immense opportunities in the end. Plus, having a degree is amazing and helpful.

With help from a fine art degree that you can get only in art school you can find a better job and that does provide you with some amazing opportunities which in the end are nothing short of impressive.

Even if you have the talent already in your blood, it all comes down to finding someone that can help you and which can offer guidance. A good art school always manages to deliver incredible results and stellar opportunities, which is exactly what you need in the end. Of course, it will take some time, but in the end that’s exactly what you need if you want a stellar experience.

Remember, a degree does matter quite a lot plus being a part of the art school will allow you to get better at what you do, acquire incredible results and just be a better art professional as a whole. That’s what really takes the experience to the next level. If you want this to be a part of your craft, you need to focus on results and that’s the true focus here.

So, instead of trying to figure out stuff on your own, it’s a lot better if you get the proper guidance at first. Of course it will not be an easy thing to do but with enough focus and attention to detail the outcome can really pay off. Plus, there is plethora of opportunities to be had and if you don’t harness them you will certainly be missing out.

Enroll in a good art school immediately and you will certainly enjoy the unique opportunities that come with it. Get a degree in fine art and it will surely allow you to boost your career and take it to the next level.

What should go into an Employment Contract?

staff handbookThe employment contract is the basis of a bad or good relationship between the two and determines how fruitful it is for both sides. A badly done contract can leave one side feeling short changed and become grounds for painful legal suits.

A well done employment contract must ensure that the employer get value for money and the employee feels adequately compensated for his efforts. For this to happen, some basic elements have to be in the contract.

Job title and description

State the capacity the employee is coming in to fill. Making an exhaustive list of tasks to be handled by the employee is prudent but the contract should state that the employee can perform any other assigned duties related to the job. This is important to have employee accountability

Terms and conditions of employment

This section should show how the employee has been engaged and for how long. Is he on contract or on permanent basis? Conditions for renew of contract should be clearly indicated.


The contract should be very clear what is due the employee for work performed in a certain period, and when the payment is to be released. For example if the pay is bi-weekly, it should be stated that X will receive amount Y every 15th day of the month for work done on the preceding 14 working days.  The amount stated should be before tax obligations and other deductions and the contract has to state who should take care of these obligations.

Non-monetary benefits should also be stated in the contract; health insurance, vacation pay, retirement plans etc. any bonus arrangements should also be stated and the conditions for getting the bonus.

Employment termination

It is important to state what violations can lead to termination of employment.  The process of termination should also be stated to avoid claims of undue termination. In the event that the employee leaves voluntarily, the contract should state what his dues are at the exit of employment.

Intellectual property agreement

This clause is important so that both parties’ innovation and creativity is protected. Can the employee use skills learnt on the job to make competitive product on exit? Does the employer have rights to innovations by the employee in the duration of employment?

Non-disclosure agreement

Having an agreement on what the employee can disclose about his work, products or services should be clearly spelt to avoid employee disclosure that could damage trade secrets or employer’s reputation.

Dispute resolution

This can be included to make dispute resolution faster and cheaper for both sides. It could for example state that disputes should be heard by a tribunal before heading to court.

Four Helpful Suggestions for Finding a Suitable Private School for Your Children 

Many parents send their children to private schools that are operated by churches, charter school groups and other private organizations. This is not surprising because many private schools offer challenging courses and engaging extracurricular activities that offer children many exciting learning opportunities.

Here are four helpful suggestions that can help you find a suitable private school for your children:

Compare Courses
Most private schools offer a variety of courses that offer children interesting ways to learn the reading, critical thinking, writing and maths skills needed to succeed in life. Comparing these courses is simple because many private schools including the Kingsdale Foundation School provide information about their courses online and in their advertising materials.

Compare Extracurricular Activities
Most private schools also offer many exciting extracurricular activities that offer children exciting ways to learn about hobbies, sports and other fun leisure activities. Comparing these activities is a good idea because it can help you children find things to do after school that can add value to attending a private school.

Choose a Suitable Location
Private schools are often locating in urban areas that are situated near banks, churches parks, museums, colleges and a city’s largest employers. These locations offer children exciting ways to learn about the world around them by offering access to places most people use every day.

Choosing a suitable location for a private school is easier if you remember the following suggestions:

Look for a location that is situated near your home or workplace.
Look for locations that provide access to libraries and other learning centres.
Look for locations that offer a safe place for your children to learn and play.
Look for a location that allows your children to participate freely in a school’s extracurricular activities.

Compare Admission Standards
Most private schools in the UK have admission standards that vary considerably. Better ones often list these standards clearly during the application process. Some of the most important admission standards to look for include:

Academic standards that require children to obtain a certain grade average in previous coursework.
Location standards that require children to live inside the school’s admission boundaries.
Financial standards that are used only to see if your children qualify for scholarships.

As you can see, choosing a suitable private school for your children is easy if you remember to search for private schools near your home that offer the best extracurricular activities and reasonable admission standards that are easy to understand. Feel free to use the suggestions outlined above to search for private schools in your area that offer your children these and other valuable benefits.

Things to Do with a Music Degree

Music does a lot of things for people all over the world. It is an emotive thing, that makes people feel emotions, and that tells stories. Music is a form of art, in other words. Those who create music have a responsibility to create something that is truly artistic, and while it is certainly true that some very talented people ‘break through’ through sheer luck, it is still best to consider obtaining a music degree to really further your career.

Things to Do with a Music Degree

Interestingly, very few people who attend music colleges aim to become famous singers or musicians. This seems to be the one job for which a degree is perhaps not quite needed. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t study music if your dream is to become famous. Studying will make you better at what you do, and it will also open other career doors for you. Remember that you need a lot of luck to become famous, and if Lady Luck isn’t on your side, a degree will ensure other career options are also open for you.

A lot of people who obtain a music degree actually start a career as music teachers. They can work across any level of education, from elementary school right the way down to university, although you will need a doctoral degree to study at university. The older the children are who they work with, the more they will be able to learn, and the more in-depth you will go with your teachings. You could also become a private teacher, in which case you can work together with people of many different abilities and across a range of different ages. Private lessons can be provided in your own home, in the home of your students, or in a studio, for instance. You will generally have to be pretty good at playing an instrument yourself if you want to give private lessons. If you teach music in a regular school, however, you may need to be more versed in the theories and history of music instead. It is all about knowing your own strengths and abilities, in other words.

Musical conductors are also in high demand, and many people who study music hope to become involved in this area. While the dream may be to lead a huge orchestra in a theatre for an audience of thousands, you could also consider conducting church orchestras or street performance, for instance. As a conductor, you will have sheet music in front of you to guide the musicians in the orchestra towards developing fantastic sounds. You must also understand what sounds right where and when, and this takes a great deal of talent.

There are many other careers available within the music industry, particularly if you hold a degree. Some are more technical in nature, such as sound engineer, and others are more down to actually performing. Think about what your hopes and dreams are in order to find something that works for you.

What You Should Ask When Considering a Boot Camp For Your Teen

As troubled teens struggle with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues, the challenges may cause them to act out in ways that are damaging, both physically and in terms of their relationships with other people. Sometimes the turmoil leads them to engage in illegal behaviors that have long-term consequences. When parents want to find an alternative arrangement for their adolescent, many turn to juvenile boot camp.

While there are many programs for troubled teens, boot camps offer an alluring appeal. Among other services, such programs often advertise counseling, structure, physical fitness, camaraderie and substance abuse treatment. Before agreeing to send your child to this type of facility, it is important to ask several key questions.

What credentials do staff have?

Finding a camp with staff trained in the concerns that your teen faces should be of utmost importance. Whether your child battles eating disorders, drug addictions, theft or other issues, it is critical that they be paired with professionals in that field.

What types of punishment are used?

The types of punishment employed at camps varies almost as much as the camps themselves. In one boarding school for troubled boys, consequences for misbehavior might involve obstacle courses or chores whereas another might entail physical harm.

What activities are involved?

A variety of physical, intellectual and emotional activities should be available according to Wood Creek Academy. Chores are often mandatory to teach discipline and responsibility. Individual or group counseling should be part of the curriculum as well.


How Can I Develop A Career In Business?

Oftentimes, individuals consider their career opportunities and decide that working within the field of business is the most desirable option. If you’ve recently reached this conclusion, you may be wondering how to begin realizing your vocational objectives. To ensure that you can build a successful career in the business sector, utilize the steps and strategies outlined for you below:

1. Get Educated.

Your first step toward the development of a successful career in business is getting educated. By obtaining a general degree in business or specific degree (such as business accounting), you will attain the knowledge and experiences necessary to make yourself a marketable job candidate. As you start the process of searching for the ideal school, be sure to select an institution that offers the tuition rates and course options you want. You may be interested in taking immigration consultant courses, accounting courses, communication courses, and much more. Learning institutions such as the Academy of Learning College offer an immigration consultant course as well as a payroll administration course. You may also want to enroll in a school that offers a personal support worker program in Toronto. Taking a personal care worker course can provide you with insights and information that help you excel in your chosen vocational field.

2. Complete An Internship.

After you find a school with the ideal immigration consultant program and/or other necessary coursework, you’ll want to focus on making the most of your educational career. One of the best ways to realize this objective is by completing an internship. Internships will provide you with extensive experience and knowledge in the business field. This acquired knowledge and experience is something you can list on your resume, thereby making you a more competitive candidate when you start the job search process. Also know that some employers hire students who have successfully completed internships based on the high quality of their performance.

3. Optimize The Job Search Process.

After you’ve completed your education and an industry-based internship, it’s important to optimize and expedite the job search process. Utilizing job search skills can shorten the length of time it takes you to find the ideal position and get your career going and growing. One great way to realize this objective is by utilizing recruitment services. Recruitment agencies can provide you with information regarding the jobs that are currently available, and they can oftentimes help match you with the ideal employer.

In addition to utilizing recruitment agency services, make sure that you complete several mock interviews before you attend your real interview. This will afford you the opportunity to perfect your speaking skills and familiarize yourself with the types of questions you can expect to be asked. Also be sure to pick the outfit that you’ll wear to the interview in advance so that you can look and feel your very best.


If you want to work within the field of business, now is the time to implement the strategies necessary to begin and optimize your career. By using the helpful tips and tricks outlined above, you’ll likely find that you are able to excel in your chosen vocational sector.