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Why Celebrity News is Never Ending One of the worldly things millions of people can not help but follow and talk about is celebrity news – celebrity gossip is not even included. And obviously, these people tend to listen to news that is more about their favorite celebrity. These people do not even care pretty much if the news about their favorite celebrity is a good or bad one. These celebrity news is exposed to the public by the help of the multi-million industry. Although a lot of people do not spend money buying celebrity magazines and tabloids, they can still somehow grasp the gist of a news by just catching a glimpse of the headlines at newsstands or local stores. Other people are able to stay updated with any celebrity scandals that even make people think about it even just for the brief moment thanks to the television news channels also. Other important things other than this should be occupying our thoughts, right? Obviously we do, but somehow we find ourselves entertained by staying updated on celebrities’ problems and scandals. Other people even develop obsession with celebrities and show business. Does that manifest a healthy state of mind? Does this say that we think ourselves as individuals in a negative light?
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But whatever our stand is about this issue, the ‘celebrity news and gossip’ is not going anywhere. People love hearing and knowing and even watching anything with regards to celebrities and their lives and so they look for the latest news and even snippets and clips – whatever they can find. Human as we are, committing mistakes is only normal. It is like celebrities live in a different world than where we live in and they are somewhat unique, special and different.
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Celebrities even appear in many ways as two-dimensional and unreal. On the other hand, we tend to see the celebs we thought to be better, more special and different than others in the same light as we see ourselves when we get information about their personal life, scandals and gossips. We even want to know mundane information about them like on who their latest partner is, how they got drunk while partying in somebody’s special occasion or if they lost or gained weight. Pictures of celebrities are now a very big thing. For us candid photos of celebrities tend to make them appear more human because we think that with those photos, the ‘real’ them are revealed. So most of us believe that we get to know our celebrities better through these news and photos. The celebrity body gets flesh through personal information. We start to realize that these celebrities are also real people who we can relate, love or hate.