Dollar Store Wholesale Distributors

Many people prefer to buy all their grocery and household needs from under one roof. It becomes convenient for them to gather all the stuff they need from one place and doesn’t have to make a pit stop at some other location. Household shopping is the one thing where rates and quality of the product cannot be compromised. There are many wholesale dollar store suppliers but there are only few who can be trusted. Dollar Stores are one of the most exciting retail investment opportunities available today. Growing in popularity, Dollar Stores are finding successful homes in both upscale communities and in small rural towns. Once again, Bargain Wholesale leads the way with a new concept in high quality bargain retail, The Dollar Store wholesale distributors, general merchandise wholesale distributors and 99 cents wholesale.

Shoppers from all walks of life enjoy quality merchandise at bargain prices. Bargain wholesale is known as the best cash and carry in the United States with over 30 years of experience in providing customer satisfaction. Founded in 1976, Bargain Wholesale has grown from a small sales venture operated out of a stock truck with sales over $43 million in 2011. Their headquarters are located in the City of Commerce, California, where they maintain a warehouse and distribution facility over 1 million square feet. They also have a state of the art warehouse and distribution center in Houston, Texas. As a publicly traded company, they are proud to maintain transparent operations and hold to the highest levels of accountability.

Bargain Wholesale is proud to offer the greatest variety of products at the minimum rate. Besides the warehouse and distribution center in California, another warehouse and distribution center is established in Houston, Texas. The transparency in all the business and accounting matters cannot be challenged. The wholesale center has kept a relationship of reliability with the customer for more than 35 long years. Their inventory includes food, beverages, seasonal merchandise, toys, stationery items, school & office supplies, consumables, health and beauty aids, apparel, kitchen supplies, candy store supplies, cleaning supplies, plastic products for dollar store, glassware and housewares.  All of their products deliver high quality at bargain prices.