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Which is Better, Crystal Singing Bowl or Metal Singing Bowl? Singing bowls are popular because they can be used when one meditates, relaxes, does some spiritual work and healing as it produces beautiful and mesmerizing sounds. There are different kinds of singing bowl which differ from the sound that they produce, the sizes which may be small, medium, or large, and the types. It is best to first know the material used to create or manufacture the singing bowl when you plan or want to buy a singing bowl of your own. The two materials used to create singing bowls which have their own uniqueness and special characteristics are crystal and metal. The metal singing bowls have the most popular form and are commonly bought. During the ancient times, singing bowls have been used for spiritual purposes in some parts of the world such as Tibet, Japan, and the Himalayas, and now are available for collectors as there are numerous antiques and artefacts that still exist today. The music that singing bowls make is warm, vibrant, and complex as they have a unique property where they produce multiple harmonic overtones. Metal singing bowls offer a wide selection of styles, you can choose from plain bronze to carved patterns and designs. Metal singing bowls are hard and strong and can withstand any sort of handling or accidents that may happen if you are a clumsy person which makes it easy to carry anywhere you go and you would not have to worry about damaging it. The other type of singing bowl is the crystal singing bowl. Crystal singing bowls and metal singing bowls are different when it comes to the sounds they produce as crystal singing bowls only produce one loud and piercing note per bowl while metal singing bowls produce multiple harmonic overtones. Because of this, people or users who prefer to listen to one specific tone like targeting a specific chakra for healing or for simple personal preference can use this type of singing bowl. In terms of appearance, crystal singing bowls can either look clear or frosted and are offered in different colors by retailers. Because of the frugalness and delicateness of crystal singing bowls, it is ideal only for decorative use and not for portable use where it can be broken.
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Portability, sound production, decorative appeal, and usage are some of the factors to consider when you plan or want to buy a singing bowl of your own. The beauty of buying just one singing bowl and not a shelf full of these is that the production of sound can be made different depending on the sound you want to hear. As long as you have ample practice, you can use one bowl to produce the same sounds as the other singing bowls.Discovering The Truth About Options