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Understanding the Media Industry of Pakistan Pakistan media actually gives their information through radio, television, cinema, newspapers and magazines. Pakistan actually comes with a vibrant of media landscapes which would be one of the most dynamic in South Asia. Their media also have its freedom of expression even with their political pressure and their direct bans which are sometimes administered by their political stake holders. The political pressure on media in fact is mostly done indirectly. The tool to which is used mostly by the government would be in cutting off any unfriendly media coming from governmental advertising. Their government uses draconian laws to which has banned or silenced officially popular television channels. Another addition is that media is also exposed to propaganda from the state agencies, pressured by the powerful political elements and also the non-state actors who are involved in such conflict. Another thing about Pakistan is that they have a vibrant media landscape and their freedom likewise is being enjoyed to a large extent. After they actually have been liberalized in 2002, the television sector in fact had experienced a media boom. Due to their competitive environment that followed commercial interests, this had then became paramount and quality journalism later on gave way for sensationalism. Though the radio sector never seen a similar growth, independent radio channels are however numerous and are considered to be an important source of details. The Pakistani media landscape actually reflects with the multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic and also the class-divided society. Media freedom in Pakistan is however complicated where journalists are free in reporting most things. The article however that have critical information towards their military, government or towards any related security agencies are automatically being censored. Another would be anything perceived to as blasphemous by the laws of the country are censored as well. The blasphemy laws in fact are utilized for them to block websites which are in fact based with free media.
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The security situation of journalists in general actually has deteriorated in the past decades. There are actually several journalists that has deteriorated in a decade. There’s actually fear in the coverage of both state security forces and also the militant groups. Threats and intimidation from the journalists and media workers at every state and also non-state actors are likewise widespread. This however doesn’t actually stop the media to delivering quality news for their audiences.
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The media industry in Pakistan also has been influenced highly by ownership structures. There’s actually three dominating large media groups that actually comes with political affiliations. With their dominance in both broadcast and in the print industry, these three media groups are found to be very influential in politics and also in society.