Floor Plan Software Has Helped Me Redesign My Home

I have always been interested in home interior design but have never had my own place or thought about doing it as a job. I now own my own home and have been completely redesigning the whole property. It has been a bit of a steep learning curve but I would be lost without my floor plan software. The software allows me to create each floor in both flat plan and 3D so that I can see exactly what I have to work with. It is so much fun just playing around with the software to see what would look good and what would not. I can even enter in details of my furniture so that I can see where it might be placed in each room and how the positioning will affect the space. It has made me much more spatially aware and I have been able to rearrange where my furniture goes whilst still providing me with lots of space.I choose Metropix floor plan software because it allows me to access it online and it provides accurate recreations of each room on each floor, so I can see details within each room whilst still being able to view the whole floor. This is a huge bonus because I would like to take a wall down between my kitchen and dining room but I was unsure whether or not this was a load bearing wall. I took the drawings to my architect who was able to tell me that it was not a load bearing wall and that it would be safe to remove it without the whole house collapsing!The builders will be arriving next week to take the wall down and create an archway between the kitchen and dining room so that I can have a huge kitchen diner, which will be so much more practical for my family.