How Crash Testing Really Works

Have you ever seen the crash testing process that cars go through before they can be considered safe for driving on the street? Well don’t feel bad if you haven’t because most people haven’t. The crash test process is carried out in secure facilities to make sure that nothing is going to impact the results. Then only a small portion of the test is actually released to the general public. You might see some of the simulations that are done on TV or you see the results when the test is all done, but you don’t see the actual tests.

 Crash testing is done in a systematic way and with very specific types of crash test dummies. The dummies are designed to mimic the reaction of a real human body in the vehicle and they are also created to register certain types of information as the crash occurs, such as acceleration, force and movement. The dummy will be put through a series of crashes and will be able to monitor in which direction different parts of the body are moved, how much force is put on different parts of the body and how much movement is used against the chest for compression.

The tests themselves are done in a variety of different ways as well. Crashes are simulated at 35 miles per hour both from the side and from head on. The vehicle, with the dummy positioned inside, is crashed into a surface to simulate what will happen to the vehicle and how that will impact the person. In some of these there is even paint added to the dummy so that tests can determine which parts of the body are hitting which parts of the vehicle during the crash. After all, it’s happening too fast to notice with the naked eye.

The crash test will check to see what happens to the vehicle during the crash as well. For example, whether or not the front crumpled in to absorb energy or if the tire came through the front. These are important things that the manufacturer needs to know before they send the vehicle out to be sold to consumers. The more they understand about the safety the better they can build the vehicle and the better they can protect the people who purchase them. That’s what’s most important to you.

If you’re looking at getting a car of your own you want to make sure that you have the right information about that car and you definitely want to make sure that you understand crash test ratings while you’re at it. If the vehicle you’re getting has the right crash test ratings you and your family are going to be safer in the event of an accident. Make sure you know what you’re doing when you check out those ratings and long before you check out the bad credit car loans canada information you need to actually buy that car. You’ll be more than happy that you did if something ever happens while you’re driving.