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A Guide to Tattoo Laser Removal Among the youths in the modern world, the word tattoo has become very common and familiar. Tattoos are basically permanent body markings that are made on the skin using needles and indelible ink. Ink pigments are deposited in the layer of the skin called dermis in large pigments to ensure that they are not absorbed by the body in natural body mechanisms. Since ink pigments deposited at the dermis to form tattoos cannot be absorbed by the body, many people have always thought that tattoos are permanent. Things have changed in the modern world now that there are methods that can be used to remove tattoos. The removal methods involve treatments that can remove tattoos fully or partially as desired or as dictated by efficiency of the selected method. The laser tattoo removal method is the most commonly used method in the modern world. This method is non-invasive, meaning that it does not actually remove ink pigments from the dermis. The method works on a phenomenon of breaking up ink pigments lying on the dermis to small particles that can subsequently be absorbed by the body using normal body mechanisms.
6 Lessons Learned: Removals
A laser is the tool used to carry out laser tattoo removal. The laser emits energy of proportional measure to the ink pigment to be removed. It is this energy that breaks down ink pigments into smaller pigments that are eventually absorbed by the body leading to the disappearance of the tattoo. Cautioned must be taken to ensure that the emitted energy does not harm other body tissues in the process of breaking down the ink pigments.
4 Lessons Learned: Removals
Research has established that though lasers remove all types of tattoos, it is more difficult to remove bright colored pigments than black and white pigments. This is because bright colored pigments have absorption spectra that are located on the edge of emission spectra of the laser. Lasers remove tattoos gradually and the complete results can be observed in one to two months. Laser tattoo removal must be done several times to be able to achieve desired results. The process of absorption of the ink pigments by body mechanisms is gradual and during this time, the tattoo can be observed to fade gradually till it finally disappears. For the laser tattoo removal method to work effectively energy emissions must penetrate deep enough into the skin to reach the dermis. The heat emissions must also be strong enough to break down color pigments into smaller particles for easy absorption into the body. It is important to also ensure that the color of light emissions by the laser can be absorbed more easily by the ink forming the tattoo than the skin around it. This helps in breaking down the pigment while at the same time protecting the skin from any emissions that may be harmful to it.