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Everything You Must Know About Home Cooling and Heating Systems Heating and cooling systems are important because they keep our home safe and comfortable to live in. Another term that they use for these systems is HVAC, which means Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. These three are considered as the primary functions of home system. The function of these three systems is to control the air temperature and humidity and to maintain the homes air quality. There are three major kinds of the cooling and heating systems in the house. There are three major heating and cooling systems and they are the gravity furnace system, radiant heating system and the last would be the ducted or forced air system. Here are the functions of the 3 types of heating and cooling system: 1. Gravity furnace system
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This system will transfer hot air that will go out of the heater and this system is usually located at the basement or the ground floor. This system has a machine that make use of large ducts and pipes to spread heated or cooled air in the entire house. Here is what happens, the hot air will rise up from the system and when the air becomes cool it goes back to the furnace to be heated again. Gravity furnace system is considered as the central heating and cooling system. You could also operate and control the gravity furnace system through a thermostat.
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2.Radiant system This type of heating and cooling system uses water, electricity and hot steam. Here is the process of the radiant system: The system has a central boiler system where water gets heated and passes through the tubes and pipes that are all over the house and it heats rooms through a radiator. When the water gets cool it will go back to the system to be heated again. Often an air conditioner is the same size as a window, so it could provide a cool temperature for smaller areas of a home like a room. There is actually another kind of radiant heating system and that would be the electric radiant system. This system has a electric resistance baseboards that would be placed in the floors or ceilings in order to radiate heat in the entire house. 3. Ducted or Forced air system These type of heating and cooling system is commonly seen in residential houses, the process of this system is that it can produce heated as well cooled air that will pass in the ducted air system. Among all of the types of air conditioning, this system produces less noise.