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The Advantages of Using IP PBX Systems To ensure efficient and economical communications, companies have always relied on a telephone system called the PBX telephone system. The coming of the internet, a decidedly superior communication system, did not render the PBX obsolete. Now that it is based on the internet Protocol (IP), it has become faster, more economical and functional. What’s in the IP PBX that makes it much better the pstn supported PBX which we know call as the traditional PBX? Besides the voice call that is the PBX main feature, the IP telephone is also able to use some of the features that the internet offers like instant messaging, emails, message transfers and rerouting, storing, etc… Many of these features are not available in the traditional PBX. The IP pbx has more to offer, but this not the only reason why it’s more advantageous for business to install it in their offices. Internet technology is a lot inexpensive than all kinds of communication systems including the pstn based pbx which requires wires to carry message from one phone to another. The VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service is cheap and aside from the internet connection, this is the only thing required from companies to set up an IP pbx system in their offices.
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Another reason for choosing IP pbx for business is installing and configuring it does not require a high a level of technical skill. Majority of employees nowadays are rather good at computers which means they will have no difficulty in using the system at all. In addition, IP system is generally built for easy scalability. A crucial quality since information technology is known to introduce new services very quickly. Businesses actually do not need to call an IT specialist to make upgrades to the systems. They can do it themselves or ask the assistance of their VOIP provider who can do the task without setting foot in their offices.
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Users of the system greatly appreciates the fact that unlike the old pbx, it allows them to move around while making or receiving calls. IP telephony is especially useful to companies operating several branches. The home office IP system will cover the communication requirements of branches as well. The only thing the companies have to do is provide IP phones to their branches and home offices would not have difficulty connecting to branches, vice versa and the branches to each other. An inexpensive and efficient IP system is sure should improve productivity. There are many IP pbx providers. The internet is available everywhere. Companies operating in Dubai only need to do is search in the internet for IP PBX DUBAI. Many of these providers focus not only on hardware but more importantly on internet connectivity. More and more companies are choosing to use IP telephony instead of the traditional system, making its prices more favorable. In is not far off when the IP pbx will be the main communication tool for business.