Teaching Children with Disabilities

Teaching children who are normal and have the capability to grasp things efficiently, can be a daily task for teachers in schools. However, if they are put in a situation where they have to teach those with disabilities, they may have to use a totally different concept. This is one of the most crucial tasks that teachers have to perform. Primarily, there are two types of disabilities found in children ― mental and physical.

Learning (Mental) Disabilities

It is observed that teaching children with disabilities in learning is often more difficult than teaching handicapped children. Here, the teacher has to use different techniques altogether. She has to first understand the mental condition of the student, assess his learning capacities and the rate at which he can learn, and then make use of appropriate techniques. Teachers have to give additional attention to students who have such disabilities. They need to make the students understand using methods, which these students would be comfortable with.

Physical Disabilities

Teaching children with physical disabilities or handicap is a matter of providing motivation. They should in no way be made to feel that they are different. On the other hand, they should be made to realize that they are also

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Leadership Activities for High School Students

The school is a place where a child can learn much more than the structured courses included in the curriculum, provided the right training is given. There are many leadership ideas for high school students which can help develop their confidence and make them assertive. As self-awareness is the key to development, leadership activities help in self assessment and personality development. Developing these skills in children from the high school days is very important.

Various leadership activities for students can inculcate personal assessment, and help develop potential leadership skills along with a sense of responsibility and identifying their leadership style.

Defining the term leadership is a difficult thing to do. However, it could be described as the process by which one influences people in order to get them enlisted in an activity for achieving a particular objective.
The participants for this activity could be from a minimum of 4 to 20 at the most. It takes around 1 hour to complete this activity. The objective of conducting this leadership activity is to help the participants identify their development needs and work towards the path of personal development. The activity is started with a group discussion on self assessment followed by a questionnaire to

Good Descriptive Essay Topics for Students

A descriptive essay is a piece of writing where the writer has to describe the topic in depth, so that the reader can imagine it. This is mainly given for elementary, middle school, and college students. It is very easy because, it has to be written on something based on your own experience. The trick in writing such an essay is to use great language and add descriptive adjectives. First, decide on a topic and then write down some words related to the topic or anything that can be used to describe the topic. Make sure you don’t just “tell” the readers, but you also “show” them what you are exactly thinking while writing it. Make use of all the five senses so that the words have an impact. In the end, structure all of it properly so that the reader gets a clear idea of what is being discussed.

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Assistive Technology in the Classroom

What is assistive technology and what are the devices that are used in the classroom? This technology, in the simplest of terms, consists of those tools, devices, and strategies that help lower and break down the barriers that can be created by disabilities. The use of this technology can help liberate students with disabilities and compensate for their learning problems. In most public schools, this form of technology is used in order to better physical, social, and communicative abilities of the student. Educational reforms have brought about a change in the way classrooms function. In order to make the classroom more inclusive, it is important that children who are challenged physically be provided with assistance to make the learning process simpler.

Assistive Technology in Classrooms

This is one of those technologies that are known by several different names which include rehabilitation devices, adaptive materials, assistive devices, and adaptive technologies. As mentioned earlier, it is used to help children with disabilities cope with the technologies and materials that are an integral part of the classroom today. Assistive technologies are used for different purposes. There are specific devices that are designed for students who are either visually impaired or have a vision problem. There