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Different Types of Net Worth that a Celebrity Have When you talk about celebrities, the first thing that comes to your mind is popularity and the next one is riches because you think that celebrities live a royalty life with a really high net worth. People will also think that they are living a perfect life with nothing to worry about but these people only knows one side of it. Not everything you see is true because celebrities don’t leave a perfect life, they even have more challenges to face than any of you do.
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Net worth is not measured in a celebrity’s richness but his entire life.
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Disadvantages Limited Freedom of Celebrities Imagine Jennifer Lopez and other popular singers stroll the mall on a Sunday where a lot of people are also present. What do you think are on their minds right now knowing that any from second now, their avid fans will rush in their direction for a photograph or autograph? Their lives are in great danger once they step out of their homes with no security to protect them. But for safety reasons, they need to stay in their hotels or homes and just live on their own. It is impossible for them to live a normal life just like any normal human being that can go to places anytime they want or go to movies and just be free and happy. They will just stay in their homes until their next scheduled activities as celebrities. The risks of being a celebrity includes the possibilities of being molested, harassed, stalked and groped everyday of their lives and that is something very traumatic to them. They need to be alert at all times for their admirers that might cause them harm or even their friends and agents that might be the source of their physical harm and being unsafe. They seclude themselves from the world which causes them to feel hurt, sad, lonely, scared, empty and just lifeless. The emptiness they feel is because they want to be with the people that can make them feel happy which is family and true friends and just be human again and enjoy a normal life. The emptiness might lead them to depression which most probably will cause them to use drugs, boozes and other depressant that will have a negative effect in their health. The sad thing about fans is that not all of them are real fans and they only want to deceive the celebrity in order for them to gather information about the celebrity and make up stories to destroy the celebrity’s reputation and post scandalous stories about them. There is no privacy for the lives of these celebrities because paparazzi are everywhere and even the media to stalk them and publish their activities in the all means of communication. Though there are a lot of disadvantages in becoming a celebrity, there are still many aspirants who want to have their names placed in big screens and willing to experience the net worth that are both rich and poor.