Shh! We’re Sharingthe Essay Writing Tips and Tricks Your Profs Won’t Tell You

Shh! We’re Sharingthe Essay Writing Tips and Tricks Your Profs Won’t Tell You

Writing an essay is a challenging task and requires possessing certain knowledge and skills. Essays allow you to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge and intelligence, most of the time, in an unrestricted way, but still following firm guidelines. Everyone can attempt to write one, but eventually, not everyone masters the art of writing it.

If you’re struggling to understand the basics of essay writing, you can always rely on the professional advice of essay services provided online by, or you can take a look at the tips and tricks that you’ve probably never even thought could take your essay writing from mediocre to simply brilliant.

  • Choose a Focus for the Essay

Whatever the topic may be, you always need to find your focus. Pick a point of view on the topic and find a specific perspective you want to write from. Most average essays write a little bit about everything, but amazing essays focus on developing a clear and focused argument, finalized with an original opinion.

  • Each Section Should Serve a Purpose

Sometimes, packing an essay with information and additional paragraphs that don’t really hold valuable information can take away from the value of the entire essay. Avoid writing extra paragraphs just to prolong the content. Each section should be effective in showing a point or proving an argument.

  • Tone Down the Flowery Prose

Although your sophisticated metaphors and literary knowledge are admirable, you shouldn’t cram it all into one essay, especially if it doesn’t fit in with the particular topic. Overwriting usually happens under pressure or when wanting to show off your writing skills, and this usually doesn’t result in a masterpiece, rather a piece of writing that’s very hard to read and comprehend.

  • Tap Into Your Inner Resource

Most of the time, you’re focused on external rewards such as getting a good grade or pleasing your professor, so you can’t really focus on being creative. Don’t do this. This will only block your creativity and subconscious and you’ll be stuck even before you’ve started. If you turn off your subconscious, you’re actually turning off your most valuable source for writing a mind-blowing essay.

  • Start from the Core

Introduction, very similarly to a conclusion, summarizes the key points of an essay, which is why it’s very difficult to start of any writing task with an introduction. Instead, start from the body and work on the main points of your essay. Once you have the sole core of your essay, move on to the conclusion, and go back to the top.

The essence of writing a good essay is unleashing your creativity, getting your point across while spicing it all up with your original opinion and perspective. Stick to the basic guidelines, and implement these tips to hit a breakthrough in your writing in no time.