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Tips for Making Your Staircase a Focal Point With all of the shows on TV, it seems like everyone is wanting to remodel their home; many people are doing it so they can get a higher price when they sell their home while others are just wanting to update their living space. Most people will update their living rooms, their kitchens and their bedrooms but will overlook what could be a focal point in their home, that is the staircase. Many people see their stairs as a functional object and not a feature of their home, they are just a passage way to another level of the home. Many people have trouble seeing their stairs as a stylish feature, but these people just need some help. You will need some creativity in order to truly see your stairs as a feature in your home. All it takes is a couple carefully chosen parts to turn your stairs into an attention grabbing feature. This article is intended to give you a few tips to turn your staircase into an elegant feature in your home. Our first tip is to get statement spindles. Factory spindles are largely boring, but they do not have to be. Have some fun in this process and try to think outside the box. You can even just add some paint, you could paint them a contrasting color of the banister to make the whole stairway eye catching. If you would rather go for a contemporary feel in your home then you can invest in a set of metal or glass spindles.
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You can also update your balustrades, keep in mind that glass will give your home a more open and spacious feel. This can be good for your entire home as it is visually appealing. Some people might not like the look of spindles, if you are one of these people then you should invest in glass balustrades. Doing this will give you a couple options with your banister as well. If you want a modern look you can get an aluminum banister or something else with a shiny finish. If you would prefer a blend of old and new then you could opt for a more traditional wood banister.
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The next tip will deal with the stairs themselves, if your floorboards are bare, you can easily paint them. If you want a natural feel in your home then you could paint them a gray or a pale blue. If you want a more exotic feature then a vibrant color will do the trick, such as red. If you are not wanting to paint your stairs or do not have the ability to, then you can add an eye catching stair runner. Whatever tip you choose to go with, you should know that your staircase does not have to being a boring part of your home.