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TIPS TO USE WHEN GETTING A TATTOO Every person will have a different experience when getting a tattoo so there is no exact measure of how painful it is to get one. Most of the people who got a tattoo will describe the pain experience as a scratching or a slight burning sensation. The pain might be a little bit more if you get a tattoo in an area with delicate skin like the wrist or chest area. If you get at the arms or legs, it might be less painful because these parts are made of more muscle and tissue. When getting a tattoo, the skin is going to be repeatedly pierced by a needle so this will involve some kind of discomfort wherever you place the tattoo. Though, the overall pain experience will still depend on your tolerance. If you have a higher tolerance for pain, then getting a tattoo might be a walk in the park for you. To sum it up, there is no exact way to measure the amount of pain when getting a tattoo because everyone has a different threshold for pain tolerance. Piercing your skin at variable depths, the needle will go at a very quick pace. The most painful part of the tattoo is usually the outline because the needle have to create a line that will standout. To ensure that it is accurately done, the needle needs to be pierced quite deeply and delicately. The shading part is not as painful as the outline, though this will depend on the depth of the piercing and the effect desired. Given that there is pain to be anticipated, there are tips to use so that you can minimize the pain. The following are some ways to help manage the pain:
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Avoid drinking alcohol or using prohibited drugs right before going to the tattoo shop to get your tattoo done. This will cause your blood to thin and cause more blood when the artist starts using the needle on your skin.
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2. Being confident with your tattoo artist will prepare you psychologically and will condition you in terms of the anticipated pain. Find an artist who you know personally or have done works on someone you know that you liked. 3. Inform your tattoo artist if the pain is too much to bear. You can ask for a short break or even ask your artist to resume the session at a later time. Especially if you are getting a huge or complicated tattoo, it doesn’t need to be finished at once. Listening to music or watching a movie while the tattoo is being done to help distract you from any discomfort. 5. You can also squeeze something like a stress ball or a pillow to help you relax during the process. What can help condition your pain tolerance is an optimistic frame of mind and a positive attitude.