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Why You Should Seek to Earn Residual Income If one is curious about residual income and what it does to better the lives of many, he or she is like many others in the world who have the same curiosity. In a very real sense, residual income can be seen as money earned without having to work for it. This is not true when people work for a company and earn linear income, which is money paid to them based on how many hours they work each week. Linear income, however, is not very beneficial because it means that if people were to stop working, they would also stop earning money. With residual income, they could still earn money, even if they were to stop working suddenly. For example, if one owns a business, he or she can enjoy pay even if there is a cessation of work for a period of time. There certainly is a difference between earning residual income and earning linear income, and the former is definitely more beneficial than the latter. One who earns residual income, for example, can decide what to do with his or her time without being held down with how many hours of work must be put in in a day. With linear income, one has to work the required number of hours per week, which can drain the energy and take a lot of time out of one’s hands. Working in a job with linear pay for the rest of one’s life is certainly draining and tedious, and it robs one of the many enjoyments that can be experienced with more time. One great reason why residual income is wonderful, then, is because it gives one a lot of free time.
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Another benefit of residual income is that it is stable, even when life takes a surprising and unexpected turn. There is no telling when these situations may arise, and when they do, they can be devastating for those who are not prepared for them. A good example is in the case of sickness – when people get sick for a long time, they lose the linear income that they might be earning. The results of this could be devastating, and you could fall into debt or have to rely on your family. Residual income, then, is beneficial because it protects one from this kind of situation.
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Residual income also gives people wonderful freedom. Those who earn residual income are not tied down to a particular city and area – instead, they can travel the world, be anywhere they wish to be, and still earn the same income that they earn. There are definitely many benefits that can be enjoyed through residual income.