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How to Get Rid of Head Lice Did your kid experience itchiness in his or her scalp especially during the summer and when you check the scalp there are little insects crawling on it? Is it head lice? How will you know if lice is the one that is causing itchiness in the scalp of your child? Do you know the ways on effectively removing head lice? Parents might encounter this kind of situation every now and then. Lice are parasites that thrives in a human scalp and they feed on small portions of blood, they use their sharp claws to pierce the scalp skin then they will suck the blood in your scalp until they are fully fed. These parasites eats at least five times a day then when they are full their color will change from yellow to rusty. It is normal that a female lice will be bigger than male lice. Head lice are seen on children, female in particular from the age of 3 to 12 and in some instances, lice can affect boys too. There is actually a great challenge in identifying lice and dandruff because both of these caused itchiness in a persons scalp. It could be other bugs that cause itchiness on the scalp though generally most bugs do not stay in the scalp. f you notice and and your child feels insects crawling in their scalp and its about the same size of sesame seed and gray colored then probably your child has lice already. You should know what causes itchiness in the scalp so you know what how to properly treat it. Nits are also known as lice eggs and they are attached in the shafts of the hair. Nits are oval shaped and they become adult lice or nymphs after seven to fourteen days. Nymphs are colored yellow or rusty brown, they look like adult lice but they hatch and become and adult after seven to fourteen days and they stay closely in the scalp. After the eggs are hatched they become adults and feed at least five times a day by piercing into the scalp using their sharp claws and suck on small amount of blood. Would you like to get rid of the lice on your scalp? I am sure that you would really like to remove the lice. How and what are head lice removal methods you can use? If you would like to remove lice then it will need a lot of your patience and effort. You have to remove the lice and lice eggs one by one. There are a lot of ways in removing lice and one of them would be using medicated lice shampoo. The first thing that you will need to do after a shower is to divide the hair into one inch section then you need to comb the hair using a fine toothed head lice comb. If you really want to completely remove the nits and nymphs you should always wipe the comb before going to the another section. Tweezers are the oldest tool in removing lice. There are a lot of ways that you could do to remove lice, just make sure that you are determined and patient so you could effectively remove lice.Where To Start with Remedies and More

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