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Planning Your Net Worth How do you define a celebrity? Many people would equate celebrity with actors or musicians. Branding oneself or your products with success, will label you an instant celebrity. It is important therefore to understand that for you to be a success, you must become the marketing person of yourself, earning the adulation and trust of the people. Therefore, to be labelled as a celebrity, you have to brand yourself in order to get the people’s trust and support in your industry. Common to these celebrities is that they were successful to brand themselves, but these all come through hard work, mastering their skills and building an empire around their success.
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To be a celebrity and to increase your net worth seems a mountain to climb, and fortunately, there are pointers to lead you to it oxycontin. First is you imagine yourself 1 to 35 years from now, what is your intellectual property, how would you make money out of it, and then develop a plan around these information. It is recommended that you write a book about your mastery in what you excel at, and if you cannot find time to write or cannot write, get the services of a good editor who can deliver your manuscript. Another very important move is unlimited exposure. Get a PR and marketing strategist and go broadcasting and printing media, appear in televisions, have presence in all social media, etc.
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Another way is to apply for your intellectual property, advertise and promote it in audio and videos, appear in newspapers and all social media that you can enter. Last but definitely not the least is to plan and plan well your work, goals and success, with details on how and where it should take you. Everybody has a net worth, from the billionaires to the millionaires or to the common mass who will only have a few net worth or even zero and negative net worths. Knowing your net worth comes in handy when you are applying in that financing institution or when simply looking at your finances. Just like us, famous people from actors to musicians to politicians, buy real estate for investment. The difference lie in the tastes and capability to afford that will equate to their and our net worth. Whatever is the industry, celebrities are being followed, from where they live, who are they connected with now, or what are they up to, and these events either pick up or lower their net worth. When celebrities purchase real estate, they seek anonymity because there is a disadvantage in negotiating a price once their net worth is known.