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How Do Vacuum Sealers Work? Do you ever wonder how commercial vacuum sealers work? Vacuum sealers basically get rid of air from the containers or bags the food is packaged in. By doing so, you are able to keep oxygen from withering food’s color, taste, texture and aroma. Even aerobic bacteria’s growth is inhibited, further impeding spoilage. Vacuum sealing bags or pouches have a poly inner layer and nylon outer layer – they are extremely airtight, even if exposed to great pressure, and they do last for years. Commercial vacuum sealing extends your food’s shelf life by up to 5 times compared to simple refrigeration. This allows you to buy food in huge quantities at a better volume pricing. With the removal of air around food you also eliminate desiccation, also known as freezer burn. The two main types of commercial vacuum sealers are external vacuum sealers and chamber vacuum sealers.
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Commercial vacuum sealers are not the same with home or consumer sealers. Commercial vacuum sealers are crafted to function all day rigorously.
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Unlike home vacuum sealers, commercial vacuum sealers don’t require any special features such as surface ridges, so they are relatively cheaper. For the typical home user, using the ridged or embossed plastic with a cheap home-duty machine makes a lot of sense because a minimal volume of plastic will be used during the life of the machine. But if you are a business for example, requiring medium to high volume, smooth plastic used for commercial chamber or external vacuum sealers will be a much more cheaper option for you in the long run. If you’re going to use medium size bags, total costs for a commercial machine to operate would reach break even as compared to a consumer-duty machine when you’ve sealed approximately 1200 bags. At that point the commercial machine has recompensed for itself in plastic savings, then it just continuously saves you more as you utilize economical commercial vacuum sealer bags. So all in all, even if you have to pay a little bit extra for a commercial vacuum sealer, it still is the best option even for regular consumers or home users, as it operate conveniently, has a high production rate, and has a sufficiently longer life span. Whatever your needs are, the wide selection available in the market for commercial vacuum sealers will provide you an array of choices. Some are huge, while some are compact, but all of them will surely be able to vacuum seal thousands of packages for you on an hourly basis.