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How to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer Hiring a vehicle accident lawyer requires searching for qualified candidates, selecting the right one and entering into an agreement for representation. Then the work begins. But just before you choose that lawyer though, there are many things you have to consider. There’s the conventional set of criteria: experience, impressive track record, and chemistry. They also need to expound your case thoroughly and provide direct answers to your questions. Definitely, you want to have a lawyer with a genuine concern for you and your case.
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And finally, you need someone you can afford to pay, although vehicle accident lawyers typically accept payments on contingency. That means they will receive a percentage off of your recovered money and don’t pay a thing if you lose the case.
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On the other side, you need to know some not-that-basic pointers about hiring an auto accident lawyer. These are sort of insider tricks that experts will always recommend. They have worked for many people, and they just might work for you. In fact, they are designed for the specific purpose of giving you more advantage over the course of the legal process. 1. If you are sure you want to hire a lawyer, do it early – about one or two weeks post-injury. This affords your lawyer time to study the facts as they are fresh, and helps you decide on things that will have a bearing on your case, such as your choice of health care providers. 2. Even if auto accident cases are normally taken by lawyers on a contingent fee basis, consider hiring one on a per-hour fee if your case is winnable, with significant damages and without liability issues. This is particularly applicable if the case is highly likely to settle. You might actually end up ahead. To prepare yourself for unexpected incidences, put a cap on the per-hour charges – at about the level equal to a regular contingency fee. In short, suggest you pay the attorney his typical hourly rate, but not in excess of one-third (for example) of the entire recovery amount. 3. Attorneys are more likely to accept your proposal, the more winnable your case is. If your case, for example, would probably resolve at only $5,000, you’d certainly get a different reaction if it would likely resolve at $6,000. 4. If you think your lawyer could work harder, speak up. If you foresee any problems, tell your attorney about them. Maybe there are acceptable reasons that some things are done and others aren’t. Note that in some states, you need to pay the lawyer fees when you discharge him.