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Why Are People Interested in Celebrity Net Worth? Most often the millions that celebrities earn for their roles in movies, sports contracts, and other things that they do with their money, are written about and discussed in many forms of media. People may not know these celebrities personally, but they are aware of how much money they make, and other details of their personal lives. Media nowadays are filled with this kind of information about movie stars, athletes, singers, and other celebrities. Wherever you look in the internet, you will be able to find some of these data being written about celebrities. The public has an obsession for celebrity lifestyles. Most publications are also into this news frenzy. You can also find these juicy celebrity tidbits in publications of a more serious kind. News especially about celebrity net worth is something that people feast upon that way they do with stories about crime, murder, and scandals. Why is there so much obsession about the prosperity of celebrities? There is a great interest in how much actors and actresses are paid in new movies that come out, and how much the movie grossed on opening night. And very few are really concerned about the quality and value of the film itself.
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People tend to ask how much an athlete is paid for his contract with a sports team instead of asking how skillful the player that the team acquired is. There are some who truly get upset when they hear about the outrageous salaries that pro players are getting. As if their outrage will make them stop patronizing these sports teams, surprisingly, it will not, and they will continue to support the teams and the players.
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In this present society, fun and games are something that our society loves and that is why these athletes and entertains get a huge chunk of the pie. This is a free market, capitalist system and it is a supply and demand thing. If a producer pays an actor a very huge amount, it is because he can attract millions of moviegoers which in a way gives huge returns to the studio outfit and its producers. Millions are earned by the actor and billions by the producers. Should salaries of celebrities be publicized? Is there any good thing that can be achieved from it? Public dissemination of income can be an invasion of privacy. People get angry and depressed whenever they hear of celebrities receiving outrageous sums of money for the things that they do. But then again, people are interested in money, their own, and other people’s. This obsessions brings no fruitful thing in one’s life. It will only bring misery to one’s life.