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Tips When Buying RVs Owning a recreational vehicle or simply known as an RV can give you the freedom of travelling. As being your second house, you could take off for extended vacation at any time you want. Your RV lets you to see all areas you want to visit and stay in rustic and beautiful campgrounds. You will have the convenience as well of some amenities you have in your home. It will require careful research of offering in your area when buying from an RV dealership. Much like other car dealerships, RV dealers will vary in their financing, selection of available vehicles and customer service. With this being said, it is extremely important that you do research thoroughly to guarantee that you’re making the right purchase. Check your prospective dealers with local bureau to ensure that you don’t choose a dealer that has tons of customer complaints and pending problems. Approximately, there are 2500 established dealerships that have varying sizes so you can find the one that suits your requirements and needs. It is pretty common for big and established dealers to offer clients with extensive product selection and high quality repair centers. Lesser known dealers on the other hand may offer less choices but get back to it by providing excellent customer service.
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It is possible to finance RVs straight from the dealership. You may even arrange financing through a third party since you might find better terms when you are using independent financing. Dealerships normally offering financing terms that spans for 10 to 15 year period. Some of the consumers are selling their house to buy an RV, which makes it possible to own one even without a financing. Some consumers even decide to sell their house in exchange of buying an RV, making it possible to own one even without financing. On the other hand, such types of loans are more stricter than typical auto loans as this is requiring clients to make 10 percent down payment and present 2 years of income tax info to verify the earnings.
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Using the suggested retail price of the manufacturer is how RV dealers set the price of the vehicles. The dealerships are marking up the MSRP price between 15 to 35 percent depending on policies. In fact, some RV dealerships are adding incentives into the purchase such as the model year end assistance. If you want to ensure that you will get high quality service even after the purchase is done, then analyze the RV dealer’s service department. Some dealerships prioritize customer service and provide extensive after sales assistances while others don’t. If possible, try meeting the service manager of the dealership to know more about their after sales service.