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Setting Up Tree Swings One of the most relaxing feelings that people want to experience is to be able to relax under the shade of a tree with the use of tree swings. Tree swings are very useful when you just want to relax or have a little fun during your free time. However, you have to take into account some of the important details first when it comes to properly setting up your own tree swing. Also, make sure to choose a reliable type of tree to hang your tree swing onto. Considering this, you will want to choose either an oak or an ash tree or even a maple tree depending on your current options. Also, be sure that the space under the tree is cleared up as you don’t want your swing bumping or tangling to a nearby plant or something. After you’re finished with that, you now have to check and find a branch on the tree that’s strong enough to hold three or four times of your weight as of now. The swing also needs to be setup up beneath a thick and long branch which should measure about 8 inches in diameter and more than a meter long. Also, be sure that the branch is facing away from the tree trunk itself since setting up the swing on a bent branch will likely cause your swing to face the trunk instead.
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There are different kinds of tree swings that you can set up and you’ll need certain tools to finish it. Building a tree swing can be hard without a proper guide so be sure to check the internet for one and so that you’ll know that tools that you’ll be needing to build it.
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Also, you have to make sure that the ropes for the swing is secure enough to hold your weight and the most effective way to do that is to use sturdy screws rather than just tying the rope on the branch. This is because tree branches grow in time and that means a tightly tied rope on it will eventually break or snap due to the pressure of the growing tree branch. You also have to know that if you tie a rope around a tree branch, it will eventually put pressure on it and in the worst case, the branch might be the one to snap first before the rope does. As for using screw bolts, you don’t have to worry about such thing since it’s a fact that anything pierced to a tree branch doesn’t get pushed out over time which makes the perfect setup for the ropes of your swing. With those facts, you can surely have your own sturdy tree swing that you can use at your own convenience and you can even have a tire swing if you want.