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Photo Booth Rentals- How to Choose a Vendor

It is no longer surprising to see a photo booth at weddings, sweet sixteen parties, and other social events. It is actually surprising when you miss one at such events. This huge demand has seen quite a number of photo booth vendors renting them out at a fee. Below are tips to choosing the right vendor.

Choose a Vendor that is Punctual

Punctuality is an important thing when planning for an event. It would be rather disappointing or frustrating if the vendor you choose for photo booth rental will not be on time for your event. To have the peace-of-mind you really need find one that is going to guarantee punctuality. One way to know if your potential vendor will be punctual is from the response time when you email them. If it is one that responds after 24 hours then you might want to consider another vendor.

The Photo Booth Quality

The vendor you choose to rent from needs to have high quality a photo booth. Only rent from a company that guarantees good quality equipment and not one with poor quality cameras, poor lighting and poor prints among other things. If the cameras are of poor quality, the prints are poor and fade over time, has poor quality props and poor lighting, the definitely this is not the vendor to rent from. Look at their previous samples of work and gauge on the quality of the images. Good vendors will use DSLR cameras instead of webcams, and photo-lab quality printers instead of inkjet ones.

The Features it comes with

A good booth is one that has unique features that would make the experience a whole lot more interesting. This include things like social media upload station, video recording, custom designed graphics for the printouts, ability to email photos, slow motion capability, projection displays, and several other features.

The Cost

The cost of photo booth rental may vary depending on different factors. Going by your budget you need to find a suitable vendor that is at least fair but not at the expense of the quality. The photo booth rate for waiting time and extra is also important to establish about early.

Choose one that Adapts to your Requirements

Flexibility is also an important thing to look for when choosing a vendor for photo booth rental. You may have your specific ideas to feature in the photo booth and the rental company needs to be able have them as per your needs. Examples include a company logo, event date and name, some special background, and so forth.

Always choose the right vendor for photo booth rental for your event if you want your guests to be satisfied and enjoy every bit of it.