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Cleaning Tips For Your PVC Windows The good thing about having PVC windows is the fact that they’re easy to care for and clean. Not only that, you don’t have to spend lots of cash for its maintenance but, it is very ideal if you are going to take care of your windows regularly. This is true particularly if you like to have lasting enjoyment from it. So how it will last longer through proper maintenance? Well in this case, I recommend that you keep on reading the following lines: Number 1. Remove mortar and lime – the splashes of mortar and lime on profile, glazing and fittings isn’t the only thing you must focus on. Both the glazing and profile might have undergone damage and the fittings may be jammed due to the remains. Number 2. Ventilate the rooms on a regular basis – when cold air has entered the room, it is reducing the relative humidity, which creates healthier environment. Ideally, you need to ventilate your rooms several times in a day. The reason behind this is that, if the relative humidity goes over 60 percent, it may possibly contribute to the growth of mold in windows.
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Number 3. It is not recommended to use caustic fluids – to be able to clean the frame surface regularly, you can just use a mild dishwashing liquid. Experts aren’t recommending to use scouring agent or paint thinner because there could be stubborn dirt present on the windows that may be cleaned just by using special cleaning agents. With regards to this matter, it will be vital to consider hiring reliable and experienced window specialist.
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Number 4. Regularly clean the exterior – make it a habit to clean the exterior of your windows regularly. The sun burnt particles of pollen, ferrous or tar might have to be cleaned from the exterior part of the windows. It’ll become harder to clean it as soon as the dirt gets stubborn, preferably, let few minutes to clean the windows. Number 5. Lubricate the fittings – as time goes by, PVC windows will need lubrication, which allows the windows to move easily. Therefore, it’s a great idea to lubricate the fittings at least once or twice a year, particularly if your windows are not opening smoothly as what they supposed to be. Number 6. Tighten loose handles – be sure to check all windows and identify the ones that have loose handles. And if you have a difficult time to spot the screws, you may just lift the cap below the handle and turn it to a horizontal position. By applying these things when cleaning PVC windows, rest assure that it will last longer and maintain quality.