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What Makes Japanese Manga Different From American Comics Right off the bat, you can right away tell that there really is something that differs a Japanese manga from an American comic in terms of the entire style in general, because the Japanese manga is more on exaggerated expressions and ideas, whereas, the American comic is more on being realistic. To even further the list of things that makes one different from the other one, style, cost, presentation, preparation, average size, diversity of audience and genre are even some of them. You can also see that the American comics usually are colored while Japanese manga only revolves around with black and white color although there are some pages in Japanese manga that is colored, still, the majority of them is in black and white. Size of the Japanese manga and the size of the American comic is one thing that you will not fail to see because Japanese manga usually is smaller than the American comics, to about a third of the American comic sizes. When it comes to the number of pages, however, American comics only consist of about 32 page while Japanese manga are rather thicker, to as much as a hundred pages differ.
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Graphic novels are another form of American comics that is composed of monthly comics that are put in a single story arc but what makes this different from Japanese manga still is that the total page count of Japanese manga can reach up to a thousand pages in total and that the story arc usually have a lot of deeper stories within.
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The way that an American comic is prepared is also very different from how a Japanese manga is prepared because there is usually one person who prepares everything in a Japanese manga, which is the creator, but an American comic is usually divided by a writer, a penciler, inker, letterer, and colorist. The American comic, in general , usually have a slower story pace as you compare it with the Japanese manga, plus you will also notice that there are less dialogues in a Japanese manga than in an American comic. The American comic usually is addressed for kids and small children but in Japan, there will always be a specific type of manga for everyone, no matter how old they may be. There are also a lot of genres that you can choose from but if you are interested and into fast paced story line, then Japanese manga should fit your preferences perfectly.