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From Food to Toys: What David Brandon Should Consider Being a new CEO for a whole different industry that you are used to could seem daunting, but David Brandon has gone through a lot in his past pizza business that he can apply it to this new venture. Profitability and efficiency goes hand in hand in the corporate environment that Dave Brandon is all too familiar and comfortable in. However, it will be a steep and long climb for the new CEO because of the almost obsolete situation that this new retail toy company faces him with. If Brandon had learned from his past pizza company, he would need to apply whatever that he had learned to this new toy business. After his reign in the pizza business last 2010, he went on to be an athletic director for Michigan but is still part of the pizza company as the chairman. These are 5 things to keep in mind. 1.Paying for good online innovations.
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Online innovation wasn’t given much though and importance in this toy company compared to other leading company with their online presence. Innovations online should be done with much haste and creativity if they want to get back up in the race. This challenge is not easy.
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It was the perfect time for Brandon to make ordering online available to his customers. Computers and mobile phones were used to easily and efficiently take their customer’s orders. The pizza company became associated as a digital brand as well and their orders have doubled ever since. 2. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Putting so many things on the menu looked daunting to his customers and it sacrificed the quality and consistency of his product. The solution to this was to take out the unnecessary things on the menu and emphasized on the quality of their essential dishes. 3. Keep your clients hooked on what’s coming. David took a risk to completely change the recipe of their pizzas and it was a hit! It gave the company a new and welcomed boost in sales and how their customers perceived their brand. 4. Admit your mistakes. It surprised everyone when he acknowledged that their pizza didn’t taste great. It was difficult to accept the customer reviews but it was because of this realization that led to reinventing themselves and the company. It didn’t seem weird that the company publicly admitted that the old recipe wasn’t good compared to the new recipe. Mistakes can be corrected if the business can freely admit that there was room for improvement. Sort out what is needed and what really isn’t. The toy company needs to find new investors and this includes the public investors. Knowing what the company stands for and what is its’ future, will be important for David to use in looking for investors.