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How To Be An Effective Bible Teacher If you want to learn the Bible, you should know the secret. This secret is being used by any Bible teachers, priests, preachers, and pastors. The Bible contains the will of God for man and this secret allows you to establish a better relationship with God. What is this secret? It is…study. Even the Bible writer Timothy admonished the people in 1 Timothy 2:!5 to “study to shew thyself approved unto God..”and you can check it out. If you are the teach the Bible, you must first be a student of the word. You need to look beyond the words. Learn to uncover the principles and truths in the passages. If you want to study the Bible, you need to be persistent and consistent in your study efforts. When you ask sports players how they excel at what they do, they will tell you it takes consistent practice, and consistent studying it is what all Bible teachers must do to excel at teaching. If you will do, then you will become an effective Bible teacher. The teacher plays a huge part in the success of a Bible class. It is important to have a great teacher rather than modern facilities and teaching aids. However, teachers do not get good overnight, they must go through the training process. Whatever you level is now, you can train yourself to be a better teacher. We must view our responsibility in a serious way. Souls are in danger so teachers must do their best to help others learn the truth. To be able to develop and practice in our lives the qualities of a good teacher, we must be able to recognize them first. What are some qualities of a good Bible teacher?
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One quality a Bible teacher must have is to act as a guide for the students, to show the way and assist them in getting them on the right track. An effective teacher must be creative in planning activities that will help students learn the truths. When students get off the track, it is the responsibility of the teacher to let the students know about it and guide them back on track. One quality of a good teacher is concern with the student’s spiritual growth. A teacher must provide a conducive place of learning and growth. Always remember that teachers “labor with God”. When you are in the classroom, you should remember and acknowledge your dependence upon God. Christian preachers must focus their teaching on the Savior and the Bible. A Bible teacher is also responsible for helping students attain Christlike love for others as well as attributes. Students may understand the Bible verses differently, so Bible teachers must learn to help students focus on the core principle and remember that it will always revolve about Christian discipleship. There can be no teaching without learning. Gospel learning does not come from the teachers as it is something that only students must do for himself, however, teachers can help set the mood for learning. Bible teachers must be devoted Bible learners.