What is Seqimco and how can they help you?


Having the will to invest is just not enough to ensure good returns because it is more important to put your money at the right place. Infrastructure is a huge area and investment opportunities are available in various sectors. As an investor you need to have the right platform from where you can direct your investments to the right places. Unless you are able to board the right platform, it will be difficult to reap the benefits of investment in the way you want. The platform that you select will provide a host of investor services and will guide you towards the right kind of investments that can help you to realize your investment goals. Sequoia Investment Management Company or Sequimco that is based in the UK specialises in debt investment management and help investors with guidance and solutions that are developed for them only.

They are specialists

The company works exclusively in investments related to infrastructure assets and is run by professionals who have huge experience of working with credit rating companies, asset management companies and investment banks across Europe and the US. This makes them versatile in handling various currencies of the continents as they have been involved in the process of structuring, originating and rating various kinds of infrastructure related investment products during their career.

Gateway for global investment

The company plays the role of friend, philosopher and guide for investors interested to invest in promising and profitable infrastructure debt funds to leverage their returns.  Investors who have a global perspective can benefit from their association with the company that can manage the assets of investors and show them the best way of realising their investment goals.  The company can act as a gateway for introducing investors to the global market, as they have a wide view and expertise about the international investment scenario.

Tailor made and seasoned investment

Every investment that is routed through the company is formulated to suit the needs of the investor.  The debt investments that are selected undergo critical assessment that involves credit analysis of the quality of project asset, covenants, transaction documents and capital structure. The credentials of the borrower are meticulously checked and verified through interviews and might even include the agent bank. Taking utmost care of your investment so that it is safe and secured with the assurance of expected returns is the reason of such diligent ground work that the company does on your behalf.

Get more than your expectation

Another way that Sequimco can help you is by identifying opportunities of investments that are generally overlooked so as to ensure that your returns are more than what you expect. Their financial wizardy in selecting projects that might look  below par but have huge potential to benefit investors is a trump card that investors will find very attractive.

For investors who want to make it big in infrastructure debt funds stand to gain a lot when they choose a company that shows them the best way to earn rich dividends for which IDFs are so attractive.