What You Should Ask When Considering a Boot Camp For Your Teen

As troubled teens struggle with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues, the challenges may cause them to act out in ways that are damaging, both physically and in terms of their relationships with other people. Sometimes the turmoil leads them to engage in illegal behaviors that have long-term consequences. When parents want to find an alternative arrangement for their adolescent, many turn to juvenile boot camp.

While there are many programs for troubled teens, boot camps offer an alluring appeal. Among other services, such programs often advertise counseling, structure, physical fitness, camaraderie and substance abuse treatment. Before agreeing to send your child to this type of facility, it is important to ask several key questions.

What credentials do staff have?

Finding a camp with staff trained in the concerns that your teen faces should be of utmost importance. Whether your child battles eating disorders, drug addictions, theft or other issues, it is critical that they be paired with professionals in that field.

What types of punishment are used?

The types of punishment employed at camps varies almost as much as the camps themselves. In one boarding school for troubled boys, consequences for misbehavior might involve obstacle courses or chores whereas another might entail physical harm.

What activities are involved?

A variety of physical, intellectual and emotional activities should be available according to Wood Creek Academy. Chores are often mandatory to teach discipline and responsibility. Individual or group counseling should be part of the curriculum as well.