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Choosing an External Training Facilitator – What to Consider If you have ever been involved in choosing a training facilitator for your company, you can attest to how stressful and confusing this can get. There are so many trainers out there, and each claims to be the very best in business. If you do not know what to look for, you will definitely have a hard time hiring. With an idea of what to look for, you will stand higher chances of getting the best trainer faster. Here are the top things you should always look at before hiring. Consider the record of accomplishment A good trainer will have a solid record of accomplishment. He or she will always be ready to share recent success and use it to convince you they are the right team for the job. Apart from looking at these case studies, focus on getting the contacts of at least two of the latest clients who are willing to talk about the trainer. While talking to these clients, go beyond the obvious ‘was it good’ questions and focus on an open conversation about the training and experience. This will give you honest facts with which you can use to make your own opinions and conclusions.
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Gauge your first encounter with the training agency. Did you hate it that you spend a lot of time before you could get served? Was the sales department helpful or plain pushy into making you sign a deal? These simple acts will help you learn crucial things about the agency. You should first analyze your initial interaction to look for good managerial skills as you would expect your trainer to be good at these. This means that you should never go for an agency whose customer care doesn’t make you at ease as they might have nothing good to teach you. Flexibility All training sessions will always be different. As such, they will always have different challenges that will need varied addressing if the session is to succeed. This means that you will have to look for trainer who has the skills needed to adapt to these changes and provide relevant solutions to such changes while on the move. This will help you identify the best trainer who will adapt to any unexpected eventualities your company staff possess during the training. The key to hiring the right training expert lie in knowing what you are looking for long before you begin the hunt. If you are of clear mind, you always stand a better chance at focusing on the traits that interest you. Considering these simple factors before hiring is a perfect way to getting the preliminaries right. Always ensure that you do some background studies and ask for referrals before making your initial contacts.