Why is Seqimco the Best Infrastructure Debt Fund Company in the UK?

buildingSpecialising in infrastructure debt asset management for over a couple of decades, Seqimco is now an industry leader in this niche. The company puts forth most advanced and user-friendly solutions in infrastructure debt funding, and also offers the investors custom-tailored advice in asset management.

Infrastructure debt funds

Seqimco claims to have close and strong infrastructure relationships with many. Since its inception, the company had thrived to develop infrastructure contacts, which was not much a difficult task as its directors had many years of solid experience in the same industry.

The relationships they had built over the course of their fruitful long-term career at the top financial institutions like CS First Boston, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and UBS have largely helped at the time of inception and further expanded during the time of growth of Seqimco.

Now, the company has solid infrastructure relationships with many of the frontline infrastructure sponsors, construction companies, agents, banks, advisors, and a large array of equity investors. Not just limited to any specific region, but these global relations helped Seqimco to have an easy access to the top possible investment sets, in order to find consistent investment opportunities for the funds.

What makes Seqimco the best?

Seqimco is ultra focused

The company only does infrastructure debt with keen focus on this niche overtime, which had made them the experts. Unlike many other competitors in this sector, Seqimco is not a leveraged loan asset manager always in search of something new. It is also not an advisory firm into investment management. The company is also not the kind of infrastructure equity branching into debt. Being a specialist fund management company, Seqimco has a clear focus on the best infrastructure funding opportunities.

Seqimco Leads the way with innovation

No doubt that in UK, Seqimco is the leader in the speciality of infrastructure debt funds. The directors of Seqimco were laser focused on developing it solely with an objective of turning infrastructure debts into an investment asset class. With this line of fresh thinking, Seqimco is deemed as the leader in this line of infrastructure debt fund market.

Seqimco is a low-cost provider

Being a low-cost provider, Seqimco takes the initiative to pass on the savings effectively on to its investors. The company doesn’t have multiple layers of management or expensive office infrastructures at top cities. The operational structure of Seqimco is straightforward when compared to many other such services.

Most of the back office work of Seqimco is effectively outsourced to leading KPOs like KPMG, BNY Mellon, and Praxis Fund Services etc. Instead, the company’s solid focus is on finding more and more investment opportunities, innovation, and managing its portfolio.

Some other top reasons that make Seqimco the best in UK include:

  • They launched first of its kind of economic infrastructure income fund that focuses on infrastructure debts, which was listed at London Stock Exchange.
  • Seqimco was the first company to develop a solid methodology for the German insurance companies to invest in the infrastructure debt by being compliant with the German Investment Ordnance, AIFMD and Solvency II.
  • Seqimco now assists the insurance companies all across Europe with asset-specific data compliant with Solvency II.
  • Above all, the company also conducts independent research on the risk-return characteristics of infrastructure debt, which had been recognised by many reputed journals as “European Insurance and Occupational Pension Authority” (EIOPA).

Going at par with the conventional approach to infrastructure debt funds, Seqimco’s perspectives are fresh and truly global.