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A Guide to Trucker Forms Businesses, no matter what size, need to be organized as much as possible to speed up processing and enable systematic documentation for easy retrieval of files when needed. Typically, companies follow a set of workflow when completing processes for the business in order to maintain an organized method and results. In most businesses, forms are used as a way to collect required information that need to be filed, and to keep records of transactions in every stage of the process. While most business companies today prefer e-forms to maintain a paperless environment, with many companies incorporating it in their business softwares, some business types still require papers to accomplish tasks, like in the case of truck delivery companies, where workers are constantly traveling to distribute, transport, or get larger amounts of products or goods. Aside from delivery services, trucks are also used widely in construction to carry soils, rock, concrete, cement mixes, and other large quantity materials. As using computers is not really feasible in this type of job, paper forms are still widely used by trucking companies to request and accomplish orders, which are usually completed in triplicate forms for record copy purposes. Truck service forms commonly use a lot of types like log records, order records, requesting forms, expense report, lading records, inspection papers, and detailed receipts. While most printing companies provide standard forms, many companies also provide custom trucking forms to fit the business needs of the company, which may include changes in paper size and color aside from custom form fields. An example is the trip expense report form that usually includes fields for route information, mileage, fuel costs, vehicle ID, date and company details, which may not be enough for some companies that need more information and details in their forms. Paper forms are generally cheap but are commonly bought in bulk orders or pads and binders.
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Many printing companies today use carbonless forms to eliminate messy marks from carbons, and use a layer of capsulated ink instead, which can react to a layer of clay on the surface of the following layer when the top layer is written on. This makes it possible to create three copies of a form in a single writing without having to use messy sheets of carbon between layers.
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Paper forms are still very useful today despite the incorporation of computer programs in every business process today. Paper forms are great at extending one’s reach in far-off places that internet cannot cover at all times, and enables workers to fulfill their responsibilities at work without having to rely on internet and computer systems.