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Do’s and Don’ts of Long-Term Food Storage A long-term food storage is a concept on basically to be prepared for possible emergencies such as natural disasters and calamity. The purpose of this is to provide for you and your family for a certain period of time in case a calamity strikes. The main thing you must consider is food that will not get spoiled for a very long time and something that can be mixed with other food to avoid repeating meals. A few examples of this type of food are oil, powder, salt, wheat, and rice. If you are planning to start a long-term storage program there are important matters that you must be aware of in order to make it successful. Reflect on your purpose for doing this and envision your long-term goals that you would like to achieve. People who do this usually prepare food that is good for three months and then escalating on to the longer period. You can plan for a year’s worth of food once you become successful in starting off with the three month covered period. Below are lists of how to prepare for long-term storage program:
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What to Do:
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– Find a partner to do this with and share your insights and suggestions with each other. – Start by gathering food little by little until you are able to adjust to how things are done. – Only gather food that you know how to use for storage. – Use similar food that you plan on storing to make your family get used to eating it. – Ensure that you also store the right kitchen equipment together with the food. – Be prepared for other possible emergency situation that may arise. -Prepare for plan b. What Not to Do: – Refrain from getting too excited and pay attention to the serious matters. – Refrain from buying all the things in your list at once. – Don’t pass on the nutritious food. – Avoid being too pushy and let your family adjust at their own pace. – Don’t conform to your impulsiveness in buying things. – Don’t get too caught up with the long-term food and make sure to store some regular food as well. Those are the techniques that you can use when preparing for you long-term food storage program. Having this experience can be quite exciting for some people. You must always remember that this kind of activity is not for everybody and that the decision is all up to you. There is no right or wrong here because the process and preference is personal. What matters most is learning from the experience and being conscious and aware of the possible disaster that might come.